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Ethical guidelines

Research projects at the university cover a diverse range of topics and themes and it is important to recognise that, whatever the research topic, there will be issues that relate to ethical practices. No research involving human or animal subjects should be undertaken by doctoral candidates or university staff without the approval of the Ethics Panel.

Applications from Staff and Postgraduate Research students for ethical review should be submitted to research.office@cumbria.ac.uk. Application forms and guidance can be found below.

For health research involving human subjects involving the National Health Service, the Heath Research Authority (HRA) processes and guidance must be followed: details are provided below.

NHS Health Research Authority (HRA) & Approval

The Health Research Authority provide online guidance on consent and participant information sheets, and manage approval for research taking place within the NHS in England. HRA Approval is a new process that comprises a review by a Research Ethics Committee as well as an assessment of regulatory compliance and related matters undertaken by dedicated HRA staff.

Full details about HRA Approval and the type of studies this is open to, together with information on all other aspects of applying for ethics approval, are available on the HRA website. Guidance for applicants is also available. If after reading the guidelines you are unsure whether your study fits the HRA ethics criteria you can email a copy of your protocol to hra.approval@nhs.net stating you are seeking advice on whether you can apply for HRA Approval.

University ethics processes

For all research projects to be undertaken by staff and postgraduate research students involving human participants or animals applications for ethical approval must be submitted to the University Ethics Panel.

Ethics applications from staff and postgraduate research students should be submitted to research.office@cumbria.ac.uk.

Ethics applications for undergraduate students and those on postgraduate taught programmes should be sought through programme lecturers and/or the relevant departmental procedures. There is a specific research ethics application for Taught Degrees (Bachelors & Masters) for study involving Human Participants.

Applications from taught students, staff and postgraduate research students for research involving animals should use the ethics application form for research involving animals:

For undergraduate or postgraduate taught students this form should be submitted to your department supervisor.

For staff and postgraduate researchers these should be submitted to: research.office@cumbria.ac.uk

Additional guidance

For research involving animals:

Other UoC guidance: