Why study with us?

The MBA course will enable you to reflect on prior experience, acquire contemporary business and management principles and apply them to real situations.

The programme will encourage you to build on your existing skills acquired through relevant work experience and the academic capability you acquired through your undergraduate degree.

This course promotes the development of reflective and critical thinking skills by challenging reasoning and analytical mindset.

A problem-based approach, using real case-studies at local, national and international level, ensures that the teaching is relevant to the current global economic climate, whilst considering evolving management reasoning, practices and solutions.

The programme will build on your academic skills, and also develop the power of reflective analysis, communication and effective leadership within a sustainable business context.

This takes place in an international and diverse environment, where students, practitioners and academic staff can all share and benefit from their varied experiences.

The programme covers the main business and management areas and allows the participant to develop a research approach on a specific area of interest.

What can this course lead to?

Integrating your own learning and development in a work-based situation is the underpinning principle behind the design of this MBA programme. 

At the end of each of the six core modules you will complete an individual and group-based assignment aimed at developing your knowledge and understanding of the materials covered and how these apply in an organisational context.

The assessment process will also involve a case-study/presentation project enabling you to apply a range of theories and knowledge to a real problem in your organisation, in order to make a difference to your own management style and organisational performance.

The MBA will provide a reflective learning experience that will enable you to enhance your career potential, personal and professional effectiveness and performance in employment.

Resouces and facilities
The MBA specifically offers:
  • action-learning approach centring around work-based assignments
  • blending theory and practice to deliver organisational outcomes
  • strong focus on leadership and management development
  • enhancing your knowledge of business functions and their interactions in order to manage complex organisational change
  • advanced distance-learning support and personal development planning
  • planning through the use of e-portfolios such as PebblePad
  • cost-effective mechanism for organisational development and evaluations.

2015/16 academic year

Home and EU students: £10,000
International students: £12,000

2016/17 academic year

Home and EU students: £10,350
International students: £12,000

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