Why study with us?


Through our tradition of experiential learning in and from nature, you will explore your approach to leadership for sustainability, in a highly flexible programme that involves a couple of week-long visits to our campus in the heart of the famously beautiful Lake District.

Discussions with peers striving to be sustainable leaders, triggered by remarkable guest lecturers and facilitated by world-class tutors will help you explore the future of your vocation as a sustainable leader.

In a six day residential in the Lake District, starting 5 April, you will be challenged and supported in a highly inter-disciplinary exploration of both sustainability and leadership where orthodoxies will be deconstructed so you can more clearly identify a pathway for your future as a leader of social and organisational change.

You will be guided by a relevant expert to develop and pursue a topic of inquiry as your own independent study, which will form a third of your qualification.

The course involves experts with international reputation in the fields of sustainability and leadership, including:

We believe that our use of experiential learning and nature as a venue and inspiration for postgraduate education towards sustainable leadership is a world first. It is the flagship offering of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) which is fast growing to be a hub for critical sustainability leadership dialogue, research and education.

The first cohort included executive students from Forum for the Future, Earthwatch, Impact International and the Centre for Leadership Performance. Feedback includes:

"This course was profound and life-changing. It has informed my practice, relationships – even my way of being."

"This was the most in-depth, conscious, and profound course I have ever participated in. I was both surprised and delighted at the transformation of my own consciousness that was achieved. I was defining myself as someone out of the box. This course made me realise that there is always a further critical step still."

"This first module has been the most powerful formal education experience of my life. The range of experts, both internal and external, brought a truly inter-disciplinary approach to exploring the challenges of leadership and sustainability. We have been challenged to take action, through imaginative practical assignments that go beyond the usual reading, analysis and regurgitation of academic texts."

"This course has facilitated a great personal transformation in me. Thank you!"

"Exceptional opportunity to engage with and question the debate around leadership and sustainability as instruments for and concepts affecting social change. Prepare to question and be questioned using a wide range of learning methods and environments. Excellent balance of attention to content with process."

"An existential provocation, demanding full emotional engagement within a democratic and nurturing community."

"Be warned: you will leave this course on a path to becoming a different person and hopefully a sustainable leader"

"Challenging, fascinating course that will shake your perspective of sustainability and your role as a leader."

Contact iflas@cumbria.ac.uk for more information or to speak to someone about this course.

What can this course lead to?

Many organisations now seek senior managers with an understanding of how to lead sectors towards greater sustainability.  Find out more in this article from the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire.

Graduates can progress to the MA in Sustainable Leadership Development.

Graduates of this PGC course could take the MBA in Leadership and Sustainability (offered online with Robert Kennedy College) without doing the residential Leadership and Sustainability module.

Resources and facilities

The two residential modules can be taken in the famously beautiful Lake District, hosted by the growing Institute for Leadership and Sustainability.

Residentials include visits to important historical sites and outdoor locations within the Lake District.

One of the residential modules on the sharing economy and currency innovation can be taken in our campus on the edge of London's Docklands, the financial centre.

Reading resources will be made available online, as well as in our libraries. The teaching is done in person, given the importance of interaction between students and within nature.

The Institute can be contacted at iflas@cumbria.ac.uk

Fees and funding

UK/EU students: £3,333
International students: £5,166

For more information on finance: