Why study with us?

This programme enables new and experienced SENCOs to enhance provision and outcomes for all children, especially those with special educational needs and/or disability. NASC is now required as a qualification to work as a SENCO for all teachers. Our courses take into account the new Children and Families Act and Code of Practice.

SENCOs become knowledgeable, confident leaders of change within their settings who have developed and practised skills, form strong professional networks of support within the course and are able to devise, implement and evaluate provision to enhance the outcomes for the children in their care. 

This programme has enabled over five hundred SENCOs to complete the course successfully. Participants particularly value the face to face teaching elements of the course, our supportive formative feedback processes and the networks of support they built up among their peers on the course.

Assessment and teaching are innovative and combines face-to-face and online activity. The highly knowledgeable team leading and managing the programme are extremely experienced, not only as former SENCOs themselves, but also in teaching and supporting participants over a number of years since the inception of the National Award. They are approachable, supportive, passionate about the value of what they do and the children this ultimately supports and care deeply about supporting you as you juggle the competing demands of the course, your work and your life.

“I have a heartfelt commitment to the programme and its participants. It is a privilege to work so closely with an inspiring group of professionals who focus their energies enabling the circumstances and forging relationships to enable children to thrive and flourish in our schools.”

Alison Feeney, Programme Leader

What can this course lead to?

In addition to the award, those completing the course will gain a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) – the equivalent of a third of a Masters in Education.

Credits from the NASC award can be used towards an MA Education Professional Practice and contribute to the named Inclusionary Practice pathway.

Resources and facilities

Staff involved in the National Award for SEN Coordination are highly experienced, both in continuing professional development at M level, and in SEN. The latter includes expertise at Primary and Secondary level in the role of SENCO, and in working with pupils experiencing barriers to learning in cognition, communication, physical, and behavioural difficulties.

The tutor team believes in innovative practice in teaching and learning, the development of the role of teacher as researcher, and the promotion of inclusive education that impacts on outcomes for all learners.


Home and EU students: £1,530
International students: £3,600

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