Why study with us?

Are you passionate about mathematics? If your dream is to become a mathematics teacher at secondary school, then this is the course for you.

The PGCE in secondary mathematics is designed to develop your confidence in mathematics along with your ability to help young learners understand and appreciate the beauty of the subject. The course gives you the opportunity to work with many professionals as well as different groups of learners, in various situations, to build their confidence in mathematics and show them its applications in life, while enhancing your own appreciation of its power.

What can this course lead to?

This course can lead to a fulfilling career as a mathematics teacher at secondary school. With qualified teacher status (QTS), you will be able to apply for positions immediately after graduation.

Resources and facilities

We have several excellent resources to help you excel in your studies. All students have access to our Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment which can provide easy online access to course information, course materials, relevant web links and an online discussion board.

We have a well-stocked library and a Learning Gateway, which offers an interactive, flexible space to study. You can also take advantage of the Library and Student Services (LiSS), which provides learning resources, equipment, student advice, skills training and study space.


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