Why study with us?

This course is a professional training in Counselling and Psychotherapy. It is a rigorous course that will challenge you personally, professionally and academically within a learning community of like minded peers and tutors.

You will learn the necessary competencies to understand and work with a wide range of client issues in a professional and reflective way. You also learn about the impact of research on the change process and how to engage in research in the humanistic tradition.

You will explore your own history and learn how to be alongside clients as they seek to explore their experiences and emotions. This requires a level of openness and emotional robustness and you will be supported to develop this. We encourage the development of a learning community which is an important resource for all students, and you are encouraged to develop your capacity for giving and receiving open and constructive feedback.

In September 2016, this course will be taught on a Monday each week; 09.30 - 17.45 hours. Please note that whilst the day of the week the course is taught on usually remains the same for the duration of the course, this cannot be absolutely guaranteed.

What can this course lead to?

As well as providing training to enable you to become a practitioner, the skills learned are also transferable to a wide variety of roles that involve working with people. Therapists can work in a variety of settings including schools, the NHS and voluntary agencies.

Resources and facilities

The core team is experienced in developing people as therapists and are sometimes supported by like minded therapists from a variety of backgrounds who work part-time with us. We have a broad range of practice and academic interests including: couple counselling, mental health, outdoor therapy, research into the teaching and learning process, supervision, working in schools, and primary care.

The course team is committed to the Person Centred Approach and to integrating its philosophy throughout the course within the context of a University setting. We aim to create personal, academic and professional opportunities that will enable you to develop and deepen your learning and experience in this approach. Experience has shown us that this will provide particular challenges for each of you to face.