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Why study with us?

If you enjoy learning about the human body and health related subjects, this course is for you. Physiotherapists need excellent communication skills as well as the ability to learn hands-on treatment techniques.

Our programme integrates academic study and supervised clinical practice, providing over 1,000 hours of clinical practice in a variety of core practice settings, ensuring that you graduate with a strong clinical profile.

Our dedicated team of experienced and research active academic staff all have extensive experience of clinical work, which is used to create a supportive learning environment which will enhance your strengths and identify areas for development.

What can this course lead to?

Qualifying as a physiotherapist offers the opportunity to work as a physiotherapist in a variety of NHS, education, private, voluntary and independent environments. Graduates can work in the UK and abroad*. Whilst the majority of graduates will work in the clinical field, students graduate with research, leadership and management skills which are welcomed by a large range of employers.

*Some countries will require graduates to take an entry examination or assessment.

Resources and facilities

The Physiotherapy Skills Suite is a dedicated room for teaching and learning where students learn the practical skills required for the programme. In addition we share a range of practical facilities e.g: 

  • a Clinical Skills Laboratory based on a hospital ward where students practice moving and handling skills;
  • a practical room with a human patient simulator offering students the chance to practice cardio-respiratory skills on a life-like manikin;
  • a large sports hall for observational movement analysis and group exercise practice.

Students also have access to the Physiotherapy and Sport Science Laboratory which is dedicated to the investigation of human performance from a clinical point of view. It is located on the Fusehill Street campus in Carlisle. The laboratory is used for both teaching and research and is shared by Physiotherapy and Sports Programmes.


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