The BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology  has been accredited since 2004 and is the first step on your journey to becoming a Chartered Psychologist

Why study with us?

If you are fascinated by human behaviour and want to learn more about it, then psychology may be the subject for you. 

Applied psychology includes all the core areas in psychology, developmental, social, biological, cognitive, research methodologies and individual differences. The applied nature of the course means that you can focus on how psychology is used in the real world, to inform policy and practice and more generally work to enhance people’s experiences. This will include topics such as understanding how children learn, the motivations for and the treatment of offending behaviour, managing stress in the workplace, the way drug use affects behaviour and a host of other applications.

We are proud to be able to say that the BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology here at UoC has been accredited by the British Psychological Society since 2004.

In line with university quality processes, the BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology programme has recently been through a re-validation process, the team are absolutely delighted with the refreshed and contemporary nature of the revised programme and are looking forward to working with you.  Part of the validation and accreditation process associated with developing and updating programmes involves seeking re-accreditation, this process is now underway.  

What can this course lead to?

You develop skills, knowledge and understanding that give entry to a range of rewarding professions. The course is ideal for career starts in Clinical, Forensic or Educational Psychology, Health Education and Promotion, Counselling, Social Work, Teaching, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources and Prison or Probation work. 

Resources and facilities

The psychology team come from a range of applied psychology backgrounds bringing with them a wealth of expertise from clinical, organisational, community, health and forensic settings.  

The course is challenging and varied and offers a range of extra-curricula opportunities for you to develop new skills and hone existing ones. Through our links with local organisations you have the opportunity to gain practical experience of psychology within professional settings.

The observation suite is a classroom with a one way mirror set into the wall. Behind the mirror are video-recorders and TV monitors. Within the classroom are cameras and microphones. This room is an excellent facility and allows students to arrange the room as they see fit and observe people and small groups in a variety of settings.

The psychology students have two dedicated labs, ideal for testing participants, interviewing or simply getting on with group work. The labs are equipped with computers, printers (students have access to scanners, digital recorders, psychometric tests, biopac equipment) and the software they need to analyse their data as well as the standard software packages.

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