* Please note that from September 2016 all Policing courses that run in Carlisle will be moving from our Brampton Road campus to our Fusehill Street campus.

Why study with us?

Considering a career as a police officer?

If you would like to enhance your prospects for recruitment as a police officer this course will assist in your personal development and expose you to complementary yet diverse areas beyond traditional police training. It has been jointly-developed with Cumbria Constabulary, is strongly work-based, and builds upon the Constabulary’s award-winning Initial Police Learning and Development Programme.

The programme meets all the required elements of the College of Policing pre-join qualification strategy.

Designed to equip you with the knowledge and key skills to progress to a career in policing, it gives you the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills through either a placement as a special constable or by undertaking a policing-based research project. 

Within your first year, you have the option to apply to be a special constable at Cumbria Constabulary, Durham Constabulary, North Lancashire Constabulary or a constabulary of your choice.

What can this course lead to?
CoP Approved Provider

Successful completion of this programme will afford students a number of options. 

As the University is part of the Approved Provider scheme managed by the College of Policing, students will be awarded the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing alongside their FdSc.

Students who then put themselves forward for police recruitment to forces within England and Wales will hold a recognised CKP Pre-join qualification and a Foundation degree recognised. 

Acceptance in to a police force will be subject to a rigorous assessment via the national police selection procedures.

Cumbria Constabulary remains committed to sourcing up to 25 per cent of its annual recruitment from this programme.

All successful students will be offered the opportunity to continue their studies either on full- or part-time basis to ‘top-up’ this FdSc to a BSc Hons degree over the period of one or two years.

Resources and facilities

All our teaching staff have worked in the Criminal Justice Service. They bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector. We also have a number of guest speakers on the course including a Magistrate, specialist drugs support worker and a member of the Youth Offending Team. We have a wide network of contacts throughout the Criminal Justice Service and are able to arrange specialist speakers to meet student demand.

Our students also take part in roleplay scenarios designed to help them prepare for situations they will encounter during placements and their future careers.

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Andy ButlerUniversity and constabulary join forces
The University of Cumbria has joined forces with Cumbria Constabulary in its bid to recruit more special constables.

Special constablesPolicing students serve communities as special constables
Twenty-four students from the University of Cumbria’s policing foundation degree have been sworn in and deployed across the county as special constables.


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