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Students - Office365 is here!

Your email system has changed - Your email system is now Office365. 


So what's new?

You will now have two accounts:

1. A university email account.  This account is just for email and is the main form of communication between the university and yourself - you must check this regularly.  Your log on details for this account are exactly the same as you had before the migration.  You can sign in either by:

2. A personal Microsoft account.  This personal account gives you access to all your existing SkyDrive content, Messenger, and other Microsoft services. Again you use the same username and old password that was used to access Live@cumbria. To access SkyDrive, sign in at https://skydrive.live.com.

Please Note: The university no longer administers your SkyDrive account. As a result, we cannot reset your password. You will need to use https://account.live.com/ResetPassword.aspx to reset your password for your personal Microsoft account.

I'm getting an error, what do I do?
If you see the error message "You're currently signed in with an Office365 email account, which can't be used with Outlook.com. Please click here to sign out of your Office 365 account, then use another Microsoft account to sign in to Outlook.com (for example, your hotmail.com, live.com, or msn.com account)," try one of the following:

  • Start a new browser session.
  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

If you still have problems, please contact the IT Service Desk.


Before you start

You’ll need your student number and your Network password.

How to sign in to Office365

  • Open the Microsoft Log in page - please bookmark https://outlook.com/uni.cumbria.ac.uk on your devices
  • In the Office365 ID box, type your new email address.  Enter it as s123456@uni.cumbria.ac.uk
    You don’t need to use this part of your student number: /1 or /2. Just the digits before the first slash (/).
  • In the Password box, type your Network password.

How to change your Office365 password


Want help on using all the Office365 functions?

Microsoft offers guides and web pages to help:

  • Email guides takes you to Microsoft support on using email or Instant Messaging and creating rules.
  • SkyDrive guides takes you to Microsoft help on making the best use of SkyDrive and accessing it from different platforms.
  • Terms and conditions displays, in a new window, the full text of Microsoft’s terms and code of conduct. And, yes, you should read this.


Staff - Office365 is coming! 

Staff on campus

All staff use Microsoft Outlook. You will find it as part of the standard Microsoft products on your computer.

Before you start

HR sets up your new account when you start. You will need your username and password to set up your new Outlook account.

How to set up your emails

  1. Log on to your computer.
  2. Select the Outlook icon. This might take a while to load.
  3. Your personal email account appears. You can immediately start sending and receiving emails.
  4. Please read the Regulations and email etiquette.

Staff off campus

You can access your emails when you are working remotely through Microsoft’s Outlook Web Application.

How to access your emails

  • On the University of Cumbria website, select Staff on the Home page.
  • Select the Webmail box or type the address into your web browser:  owa.cumbria.ac.uk/owa
  • Complete the Office Outlook Web Access box. The table below describes each option:
Option Action
This is a public or shared computer Leave this button selected if other people can use this computer. If you stop using the computer for a short time, it will log you out to protect your security.
This is a private computer Select this button if you are using a personal computer that other people do not use. Later on you can set Webmail to always remember your username. However, you will always have to enter your password.
Use Web Outlook Light Select this button if you know that you have a slow internet connection speed. If you are not using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser, this button might be already ticked and greyed out, so that you cannot change it. Some functions won’t be available, such as setting up rules.
I want to change my password after logging on Do not tick this button. To change your password, refer to usernames and passwords.
Domain/user name Enter the username that you use to log on to your computer on campus.
Password Enter the password that you use to log on to your computer on campus.
  • Select Log On.
  • Your emails appear.