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Welcome to the Students' Union

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The Students’ Union (SU) is the organisation that represents the interests of students within the University of Cumbria and further afield. Everyone registered on a course of study, be it full-time or part-time and irrespective of which site they are studying at, is automatically a member and can access the wide range of services and activities the Union runs. They are also entitled to get involved in the primary representational purpose of the SU.

Through the elected student officers and professional staff, the Union’s main purpose is to work with the university to better the educational experience of all students. It does this through a variety of approaches, such as representation at senior university committees and through running the Student Academic Representatives (Reps) system. The Union is student led, with the senior elected officers (Sabbaticals) having a high level of access to University Senior Managers and a responsibility to actively involve students in the development of Union policies and strategies.

Simply put we work for a better education for you.

In order to fulfil our primary purpose of working for a better education for all students at the University of Cumbria we divide our resources into four broad areas. These four key areas which overlap with each other, as we work together on your issues:

Academic: we work to ensure you get the best from the university in terms of your academic experience and opportunities whilst at university

Representation: we represent your views to the university, the local community and other people and organisations as appropriate

Community: we aim to provide one Students’ Union for all of our members, wherever and however they study. We will provide opportunities for students to engage with the local community to promote the value of students within the local, regional and national community. We provide social space and entertainments for the development of the student community.

Student Life: we will provide relevant and valuable advice and information services to promote the health and wellbeing of our membership. We will also promote opportunities for students to support their academic learning with shared-interest groups and sporting activities.

Each of these four areas overlap, with student leadership at the core. Everything we do, and will do, relates to our core purpose of fighting for a better education for the Union’s members.

Code of Practice

The Students’ Union is governed by the university Board of Directors in relation to the Education Act (1994). A code of practice has been developed and agreed to support the governance of the Union.

All students registered on a course of study at the University of Cumbria automatically become members of the Students’ Union for the duration of their registration. Students may opt out of membership by writing to the Union.