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Welcome to the Students' Union


UCSU Logo 2015

The University of Cumbria Students’ Union (UCSU) is a student-led charity, representing the views and interests of over 9,000 members; the students at the University of Cumbria.

Welcome to UCSU! You are now a member of both UCSU and the National Union of Students (NUS). Together, we’ll put you in the driving seat of your education.

Our motto, ‘Supporting and representing you to achieve your ambitions’, is at the heart of every action we take and decision we make – our job is to help you make the most out of your university experience. We ensure that your voice is heard and that you can see how your views shape your student experience at the University of Cumbria.

UCSU operates three full time offices – at both Carlisle sites (Fusehill Street – Learning Gateway Ground Floor, Brampton Road – long corridor) and the Lancaster campus (Gateway Building reception). These are open Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm. We aim to visit the smaller sites in Ambleside, London and Energus at regular intervals throughout every semester. The services and opportunities provided by UCSU are open to all students regardless of location, and are accessible via our website, www.ucsu.me


UCSU is led by an elected team of Full Time Officers. Each officer has responsibility for different areas of the student experience. Introducing…

Academic Officer: Izaak Koroneos

Izaak is responsible for representing your views and needs on all matters relating to the academic experience, including quality of teaching, assessment, resources, timetabling and the course reps system.

Contact: Izaak.korneos@cumbria.ac.uk

Community & Partnership Officer: Aden Fry

Aden’s job is to develop student communities at each of the University of Cumbria’s campus sites.  He’s also responsible for developing links within the local community so that you have plenty of opportunities for enhancing your student experience both in, and out of the classroom!

Contact: Aden.fry@cumbria.ac.uk 

Welfare & Support Officer: Adam Mather

Adam represents student matters relating to health and wellbeing – including physical, mental and sexual health, stress & anxiety and developing campaigns and awareness around student safety and welfare.  Adam also helps to provide access to UCSU Support services, Volunteering Opportunities and Student Groups & Societies.

Contact: Adam.mather@cumbria.ac.uk 

Any student can stand for election as a full time officer – we hold Officer Elections every March to recruit the three positions.  The full time officer positions are paid, and are a fantastic opportunity to kick start your career after graduation, or as a sabbatical year during your studies. 

The Panel...

We also have a variety of voluntary, part time roles through our Panel. The Panel is our democratic system for decision making. Here’s how it works: students can submit their ideas and suggestions about what they need and want from their University experience at any time via the UCSU website.  

Every single idea gets an individual reply from a member of the UCSU team. The ideas are discussed at Panel meetings which typically take place 4 times a year.  The Panel make decisions and vote on the ideas.  Successful ideas are then passed as UCSU policy and communicated to members.

There are a variety of positions within the Panel, each representing a different cohort, location or group of students – e.g. Disabled Students Rep, London Students Rep, Black & Minority Ethnic Students Rep, Women’s Rep, LGBTQ Rep, and so on. We hold Panel Elections every October, and all students are welcome to nominate themselves or a friend.

UCSU Themes of Work...

UCSU has three main themes of work, informed by annual research projects about what our members want and need from their Students’ Union. These three themes are Your Education, Your Career and Your Student Life. This is what we mean by them…

Your Education: UCSU will work with you to promote a high quality academic experience.  We will support and represent you to achieve your academic potential.

Your Career: UCSU will connect you with opportunities to develop your skills and experiences. We will support you in to the world of work and help you become more confident about achieving your career ambitions.

Your Student Life: UCSU will connect you with others to enrich and support your learning experience, and support you to overcome barriers to success.

Student Groups & Societies…

UCSU facilitates a wide variety of student groups, societies and sports teams. They provide a great opportunity for you to meet students with similar interests to you and to make new friends.

By participating in one of the many sports teams, you can compete nationally in the British Universities & Colleges Sports League (BUCS), continue your passion or maybe try something new!

You may even want to start your own group, society or sports team. That’s no problem – we’ll provide you with all the information and support you need to get your new venture off the ground, and help promote the group so that other students can join in too. 

Student Academic Reps

Student Academic Reps form a key art of the University of Cumbria Student Voice and are managed, in partnership with the University, by the Students’ Union (UCSU).

The purpose of the Student Academic Reps system is to ensure a constructive feedback between students and their course providers. This enables a structured dialogue which drives the continuous improvement of present and future delivery, with the aim of enhancing the student experience and satisfaction in their course.

Academic Reps can bring about significant changes to their courses for the benefit of all students, irrespective of their mode or place of study. If you care about your course, your university and your fellow students, this is the role for you! For more information, talk to your tutor, or contact Katia Riley, UCSU’s Student Voice Coordinator katia.riley@cumbria.ac.uk


UCSU facilitates all sorts of different volunteering opportunities, and also helps students to find their own volunteering experiences – so if there’s something you want to do, let us know and we’ll help you make the most of it.

Maybe you’d like to apply the learning from your course, develop your skills, help people in the local community or just try something completely new. Whatever you’re into, UCSU is here to make it happen.

NUS Extra…

Our affiliation with the National Union of Students (NUS) means we are part of a voice of students across the UK, campaigning for the changes you think are important. So, if you have any ideas for enhancing your university experience, big or small, get in touch with us, and together we’ll strive to make the changes you want to see.

You can also save loads of money off fashion, food, travel, insurance and so much more by getting an NUS Extra Card. This is the best discount card for students and you can start saving straight away. The card costs just £12 for 12 months, and you can save even more by ordering a 3 year card. Find out more about the discounts and how to order your card at www.nus.org.uk


Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, but don’t panic!

UCSU offers a friendly, free and independent support service - whether it’s a question about an assignment, course issues, non-academic problems, your health & wellbeing or you just want an informal chat, UCSU is here to make sure you can bounce back! 

More info…

For more information about all of the services, opportunities and activities we provide, you can visit www.ucsu.me

Here you’ll also find access to joining a student group, registering for a Volunteering opportunity, nominating yourself to be a course rep or Panel member, buying University merchandise, voting in Elections, accessing support services or contacting the officer team – it’s all there in one place for you.