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Travel information

Here you can find basic travel-related information for students, visitors and anyone with an interest in the travel policy of the University.

How to get to the University

Details of how to get to each of our sites and campus maps are available.

Visitor parking

All University sites have arrangements for visitor parking. 

If you are visiting on official University business, please contact your host department in advance so that they can co-ordinate your parking requirements, including arranging any temporary parking permits.

If you do not have a specific host department, please report to the site Reception when you arrive.

Further details are available in the university's car parking policy.

Public transport

The vast majority of our campuses and sites are well-served by public transport. To find out more, please see the websites of our local transport providers.

Bus travel 

Rail travel

Discounted bus travel

Lancaster: University of Cumbria students and staff can get discounted season tickets for Stagecoach bus travel in Lancaster (the ‘Unirider’ ticket). For more details see http://www.stagecoachbus.com/unirider-student-ticket.aspx and select Lancaster.

Carlisle: to use Stagecoach services in Carlisle, the cheapest option is to purchase a megariderXtra ticket online via Stagecoach Smart. This gives unlimited Stagecoach travel within Carlisle and, when paid monthly using a debit or credit card, equates to £8.36 per week. MegariderXtra PLUS gives unlimited travel for Carlisle and some of the nearby towns for the equivalent of £17.79 per week.

Rest of Cumbria: the Stagecoach North West Megarider Gold Xtra option gives unlimited travel across Cumbria plus some services to Dumfries, Lancaster and Newcastle. Buying it via ‘Stagecoach Smart’ online and using monthly debit / credit card payments makes the weekly price equivalent to £19.21.

For megarider Xtra debit / credit card payments it is possible to cancel / suspend these to avoid paying for months when you would make little use of the ticket.

For more details on the Stagecoach Smart system and MegariderXtra tickets, go to http://stagecoachsmart.com/CumbriaNorthLancs.aspx.

London: please see tfl.gov.uk/modes/buses.

Prices correct as at March 2014.

Journey Planner

There are lots of online resources that provide public transport journey options. Google Maps 'directions' is a good place to start to get an idea of all the options, including cycling and walking routes.

Students with cars or motorcycles

If you have access to a vehicle whilst at University you should ensure you are familiar with the university's  Traffic Regulations and Car Parking Policy.

Applications for student or staff parking permits for University of Cumbria sites must be made online.

Velocampus Cumbria

With the support of Cycling England and the City Council, the University has put in place a range of initiatives to support and encourage cycling at the Lancaster campus, including a low cost cycle loan scheme for students. 

All university sites have facilities for cyclists and walkers. Basic information is provided on the web but if you are unsure where they are please ask at your site Reception.

Problems Getting to Uni?

If your usual home address is in Cumbria and you face difficulties getting to our University, it might be possible to loan you a moped at a heavily discounted rate. The moped could be used to get to one of our campuses or to get you to a bus stop or train station.

The moped loan scheme called Wheels 2 Work (W2W) is operated by Inspira and all arrangements would be made with their W2W Co-ordinator.

To be eligible for a loan:

  • You must be under 20 years old and your permanent address must be in Cumbria.
  • You will have difficulty accessing one of our courses because of transport problems.

If a loan is agreed:

  • The rental charge is £10 per week (this is under review).
  • The maximum hire period for accessing an education course is ten months.
  • A one-day training course is provided and must be completed before the moped is handed over.
  • The loan fee includes full outer clothing, helmet and insurance, you just need to add fuel.

Your journey would be assessed by Inspira.

If you think you might be eligible, please contact 0800 435709 or info@inspira.org.uk

Active Travel Forum

The University has an active travel discussion forum on Blackboard, our Virtual Learning Environment. This is open to all students and staff. 

Once logged in to Blackboard, click the ‘Community’ tab and then look at ‘Active Travel’ under the heading ‘Institution Discussion Boards’.

Use of University vehicles by students

Generally, student use of University cars and minibuses is not allowed.  There are specific exceptions to this rule but you will be made aware of these exceptions if you are affected.

Under an arrangement between UCSU and the University, UCSU members are able to use University minibuses subject to a number of conditions.  For more details please contact the Students' Union.

Travel plan

The University has a travel plan, which is available to download.  This describes the current volume of travel related to University activity and how the University is addressing this in the context of its business plan.

Snow and Ice Response

Snow and ice can cause difficulties for students and staff travelling to and from our campuses.
UoC has a formal policy for dealing with difficulties caused by wintry conditions.


Any queries about the content of this page should be directed to:

Ian Rodham 
Travel Plan Manager 
Student Gateway
Lancaster Campus

Telephone: 01524 384299
E-mail: ian.rodham@cumbria.ac.uk