IFLAS Open Lecture: Julie Hutchinson


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Charities in the United Kingdom hold investments worth more than £79 billion. Exactly what sits behind these investments is increasingly under scrutiny by various stakeholders. Charities must expect to be challenged on the alignment of their investments with their charity’s purposes. Confronting this issue requires charities to re-focus on good governance, ethics and the law.

The talk will examine recent case studies where charities have found themselves unexpectedly thrown into the spotlight in relation to their investments. It will explore the implications of these examples and what proactive steps charities can take in relation to their investment policy. While armaments, tobacco and high-interest rate lending have been regarded as some of the so-called ‘sin stocks’ of the past, the talk will also consider the more recent example of fossil fuel investments and beneficiary and donor activism in this area, looking at why and how universities and faith organisations in particular have responded.

Julie Hutchison is a lawyer, charity trustee and the Charities Specialist at Standard Life Wealth. She is also a current post-graduate student on the Sustainable Leadership programme at the University of Cumbria. Julie sits on the Ethical Funds Advisory Group at Standard Life.             

This event will take place in the Percival Lecture Theatre, University of Cumbria, Ambleside, LA22 9BB.

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