The Rhetoric of Urgency and the Theory-Practice Binary

Percival lecture Theatre Rydal Road, LA22 9BB Ambleside


The University of Cumbria presents a diverse range of public lectures held at our Ambleside campus. The series provides an opportunity for Professors at the University of Cumbria to share insights into their work and research and its impact on society.

Speaker: Associate Professor in Social Philosophy Tom Grimwood, University of Cumbria

This lecture explores the relationship (and potential relationships) between philosophy, rhetoric, and health and social care, using the topic of “urgency” as its basis. While this may seem a contradiction – after all, it is the urgency of elements of service delivery which often gives rise to a binary distinction between theory and practice – deconstructing the ways in which “urgency” emerges is a key to a continued dialogue between these disciplines. The experience and understanding of time is a distinctive part of the neoliberal model of health and social care, and using rhetoric as a mode for diagnosing urgency in practice allows us to articulate the different tensions within the concept of urgency which ground theory-practice binaries and ask: what makes this binary so persuasive (to practitioners and theorists alike)?

Percival lecture Theatre Rydal Road, LA22 9BB Ambleside

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