How to Wreck a Project


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Join our business masterclass hosted by Professor Andy Gale to discuss the lessons to learn on how not to fail when it comes to project planning and execution.

Key points covered in this session:

• Lessons learned – we don’t learn from history

• Everyday learning

• Project Strategy

• Risk

• Stakeholder perceptions


We do not need to look very far to find failure. Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport opened in October 2020, ten years late, 14 years after the start of construction, costing three times the original budget. In 2016 the OECD reported on the reasons for failure, blaming inexperienced management, inaccurate budget estimates, poor planning and procurement, unnecessary changes and poor internal communications. At this point we can reflect on Cobb’s Paradox (Standish Group, 1996): “We know why projects fail, we know how to prevent their failure – so why do they still fail?”



Photo of Andy Gale