End of Placement Survey Results 2018/19

The Placement Unit (Education) would like to thank all those students who completed the End of Placement Survey during the Academic Year 2018/19.

Your feedback is key in ensuring the Placement Unit (Education) continues to provide and maintain a high level of customer service, whilst allowing us to respond to areas of concern, modify provision and identify examples of good practice.

Students will again be invited to take part in these surveys during the academic year 2019/20. Remember your opinion matters so ensure your feedback plays a constructive part where it matters most!

Some of the key outcomes to come from the survey include:

2018/19 Results

Placement Notification Timeframes:

20 working Days of Placement

74% (336)

10 working Days of Placement

18% (83)

Less than 10 working days of placement

8%   (35)

Average travel time to placement:

Less than 30 mins

53% (243)

31 - 60 mins

40% (181)

61-90 mins

7%   (30)

Average weekly travel to placement cost:

Less than £10

23% (106)

£11 - £20

32% (147)

£21 - £30

18% (80)

£31 - £40

12% (51)


15% (70)

Student feedback 2018/19

“I am incredibly happy with my experience of the University of Cumbria”

“Thank you for a great experience”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my year in Cumbria University, my experiences gained were invaluable and the support provided from my tutors and lecturers was brilliant.”

“Overall I feel confident and prepared to go into the classroom and deliver high quality lessons”

“I think the course is very well rounded. It effectively covers all key areas and there is always someone to go to for support and advice.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel it is very well managed and delivered. I am confident it has prepared me extremely well for the various hurdles of my future teaching career!”

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