IFLAS focuses on knowledge for systemic changes in society and economy, and as such is emerging as a centre of excellence on alternative currencies and exchange systems.

We are the first public university in the world to accept tuition fees payment using Bitcoin.

The move compliments our courses that examine the role of complementary currencies in economic and social systems. Bitcoin is an online currency and payment system that already enables the international transmission of funds per day at an amount greater than Western Union. Thousands of merchants now accept Bitcoin worldwide. The university uses the system Bitpay to process any payments.

The acceptance of Bitcoin will initially be limited to the two programmes that address complementary currencies. These are the Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Exchange, which will be taught from the university’s London campus in 2014, and the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership, which will be taught from its Lake District campus, in 2014.

The founder and director of IFLAS, Professor Jem Bendell, explains: “We believe in learning by doing, and so to help inform our courses on complementary currencies, we are trialling the acceptance of them. The internal discussions about currency and payment innovation and the practical implications for different departments have been insightful.”

In May 2014 IFLAS co-organised the first symposium by the United Nations on complementary currencies and has an active research programme on this topic, including PhD students. 

In July 2015, IFLAS hosted the Leading Wellbeing Research Festival in partnership with the Brathay Trust.

Some contributors to the 2015 Leading Wellbeing Research Festival have provided extended papers of you would like copies please email matrin.pyrah@cumbria.ac.uk


IFLAS organises events on the leading-edge of the sustainability agenda, most of which draw upon our unique location and heritage in the heart of the famously beautiful Lake District.

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