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The Learning, Education and Development (LED) research centre focuses on supporting practitioners to develop research-informed practice, publish high quality research that has impact on policy and practice.

We work across early years, children’s workforce, primary schooling, secondary schooling, outdoor learning, youth work, further and higher education.

If you work with children, young people or adult learners and are interested in developing research-informed practice then the team here at LED want to work with you. Find out more below and contact us at


Developing research-informed practice

LED aims to collaborate with practitioners, partnership organisations, communities, and research networks to support the development of research-informed practice.

From nursery to university

LED is inter-professional and focuses on research and development work to improve outcomes for children, young people and adult learners in early years’ settings, schools, outdoor learning, further and higher education, and youth, adult and community settings.

Collective leadership through professional enquiry

LED is committed to empowering practitioners to contribute to collective leadership and the development of research-informed practice through professional inquiry and practitioner research.

Events, collaborative projects and consultancy

LED provides research events, networking, collaborative projects, professional learning programmes and consultancy to support leadership of change and to meet professional learning requirements.

Research areas and contacts

The Learning, Education and Development research centre pursues collaborative research, knowledge exchange and teaching across five interwoven themes to support the development of research-informed practice and policy to improve outcomes and promote social justice for children, young people and adult learners across formal and informal educational settings:

  1. Enhancing learning and development for children and young people: Research Theme Lead - Associate Prof Sally Elton-Chalcraft
  2. Practitioner work, identity, learning and leadership: Research Theme Lead - Dr Alison Jackson
  3. Leadership, policy and pedagogy in further and higher education: Research Theme Leads - Prof Pete Boyd & Dr Linda McGhie
  4. Outdoor learning: Research Theme Lead: Associate Prof Heather Prince
  5. Action research and creative research approaches: Associate Professor Kaz Stuart
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Journals and Publications

Click on the links below to read publications relevant to The Learning, Education and Development (LED) research.

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