University of Cumbria's Employability Award helps you to recognise and develop your employability skills, providing you with a greater opportunity to get the job you want when you graduate.

Career Ahead will help you with:

  • Career action planning
  • Finding opportunities
  • Developing your employability skills
  • Recognising and evidencing your extracurricular achievements and skills
  • Practical experience to find and apply for jobs, prepare for and practice the interview process
  • On-going support and advice from the Careers and Employability team

Helping you to achieve your career goals!

Career Ahead is flexible; you can do it in your own time, with or without our support.

The framework includes 3 main elements (Bronze, Silver and Gold); you will need to complete all 3 elements to gain the full Award. However, you can complete the elements separately, choosing whichever elements are most relevant to you and receive a certificate for each stage. For example, if you only want to complete the Gold element you can!

View information on the different elements here: Bronze, Silver, Gold

All the information you need is on Blackboard, you can register for Career Ahead by self-enrolling. Watch our videos and look at the resources to help you through the different activities.

Contact for any further information.