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BA (Hons)

Acting (with integrated foundation year)*

Explore contemporary and classical theatre whilst honing your stage skills in a creative space – where the professional artist in you will be given every chance to flourish. We’ve designed this course to inspire you and give you the artistic freedom to discover who you are as a performer – with the guidance of current, practicing professional tutors and highly-regarded directors in the industry.

BA (Hons)

Dance (with integrated foundation year)*

If you want to take your love of dance to a professional level, then here’s a course that will let you do that successfully - and one that’ll see you flourish as a performer and artist in your own right. We’ll encourage you to find who you are as a dancer, to hone your technique and choreography skills by giving you the studio space and dedicated support to ensure you develop.

BA (Hons)

English Literature

Discover English Literature from the Renaissance to the present, in global and regional and local contexts. You will explore the local area through field trips to feed your passion for literature and to spark your imagination. Pursue your passion and creativity, whilst gaining practical skills such as recording a mock radio programme, designing a web page, and producing a real-world project relating to your personal career plans, in a beautiful location with rich literary connections.