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September 2017 (Lancaster)

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Gain a key understanding of current issues within International Business and enhance your career prospects! We'll provide theoretical knowledge and critical awareness to the wider world of business, letting you work closely with tutors and other students to enhance your practical techniques.

We take an extensive look at business strategies sensitive to international issues, highlighting diversity and multicultural concerns to provide a bigger picture of handling business propositions across a range of borders. You'll come away from the course with a full understanding  of how to effectively work with businesses across the globe and ready to tackle new challenges in your workplace.

Designed for today's business leaders and managers, you'll gain a greater understanding of the world of work in an international context. Our problem-based learning process will provide full knowledge of the current global economic climate and evolving management reasoning, practices and solutions.

We offer a holistic approach to our course, which recognises that business problems do not exist within academic silos, but span entire processes that affect every part of the business. This is especially true of international business, as different parts of supply chains, value chains and business processes are transacted across a range of contrasting political, economic, cultural and technical settings.


Year One

Compulsory Modules

  • UCBS7001 Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  • UCBS7002 Strategic Thinking and Effecting Change
  • UCBS7003 Finance for the Professional Manager
  • UCBS7007 International Business
  • UCBS7008 Cross Cultural Management
  • UCBS7005 Contemporary Issues in Business
  • UCBS7017 Principles of Postgraduate Management Research
  • UCBS7018 Postgraduate Independent Project

Programme Specification

For detailed summary of all course content please read our programme specification for this course.

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1st or 2nd class honours degree.

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You'll develop reflective and critical thinking skills by challenging your reasoning and analytical mind set.

We place a high degree of emphasis on interactive learning within the Business School and provide a supportive environment in which you can develop academically and personally. Business e-resources are available to students through the Library's Quest service. Quest is an easy to use, powerful discovery service that searches the university's journal collections, bibliographic databases and library catalogue from one search box.