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Do you know how invaluable you are?

As a University of Cumbria alumnus you are in a unique position to share those special times, academic achievements, career triumphs, dreams and aspirations.

For prospective students figuring out where to go and what to do, your experiences could be the catalyst in placing their trust in us.

You are an intrinsic part of our past, but capable of playing a crucial role in our future too.

As role models, ambassadors and passionate promotors, what you say and the choices you have made are not just inspirational, but could make a real difference to the lives of countless future students.

We are currently updating our alumni profiles. If you think you have more to tell us, further compelling information to share, please get in touch.

Our questionnaires make it easy to tell your story. If you do not have a profile already, let us know. Meanwhile, we are going through our existing studies and liaising with you as we edit, update, or need to create a new one.

Director of Marketing and Communications, Jayne Pugh, said the value of our alumni cannot be overestimated.

She explained: “We are very proud of you and your achievements. To have your support as we encourage those now searching for the right university and course is invaluable. Your stories of how University of Cumbria helped and supported you to achieve your dreams is an inspiration to prospective students. I’m sure you can recall what it was like to make the massive decision of which university to go to and the dilemma of making the right choice. By hearing from you about how our tutors supported and encouraged you, the friendship you made, the work experiences you enjoyed, the careers you’ve carved out, the difference coming to this university has made to your life, you can help us to connect with and enrich the lives of new students.

There are a number of ways you can help:

 We look forward to hearing from you and heartfelt thanks for your continued support.