The Cumbria Network FAQs

The Cumbria Network FAQs name

We recently announced the launch of the Cumbria Network, the new hub and mentoring and networking platform for all alumni.

The strength of the platform lies in our numbers, the more alumni in the network the merrier, so we would love it if you joined us.

To help you understand a little bit more about the Cumbria Network we have answered some frequently asked questions below:


What is the Cumbria Network?

The Cumbria Network is a central hub for all alumni, whether you are just starting out in your career, wish to give back to students and recent graduates, or simply want to keep up with the latest news and find your friends, there is something for everyone.  

The Cumbria Network’s aim is to keep you connected to Cumbria and each other. 

What you can expect from the Cumbria Network

  • Mentoring - Use the algorithm to find a suitable mentor or adjust your settings and help others. Look out for structured mentoring programmes and opportunities to get more involved
  • Networking – Adjust your ‘willing to help’ settings to show you can support others, or seek advice from fellow alumni in your industry.
  • Directory – Search for your friends and connect with classmates for networking. 
  • Business directory - List your business and seek the work of your fellow graduates.
  • Groups – In-depth discussion areas to help you better connect with those who studied in the same institute, or on the same campus or course as you.
  • News feed - Regular university and alumni updates, news, events, opportunities, discussions.
  • Jobs board - Regularly updated university jobs and selected graduate opportunities. Post your own company vacancies here too.
  • Events – Regularly updated, further study, CPD opportunities, open days, lectures, reunions etc.
  • Photos - Chance to reminisce about your student days, share your albums and tag yourself and your classmates.
  • Email digest - Keeping you up to date with what’s happening on the platform and news from your network and fellow alumni. 


What are the benefits of joining?

The main benefit of the Cumbria Network is the community, it is each other.  For the first time we are so pleased that we can help you connect directly in this way. Together we can raise the profile of the University of Cumbria, we can inspire current students and recent graduates, we can network and lift each other up, further our careers and aspirations, we can make connections with old friends and new. 

The Cumbria Network has a searchable directory, you can use the filters to find alumni in your area, in your industry or those who studied in the same year or on the same campus as you.  You can message fellow graduates through the platform and make new connections or find old friends.

At the heart of the platform is mentoring. The built in algorithm helps you find a mentor or connects you to those who are seeking a mentor if you would like to give back in this way.

Our jobs and events board list the latest opportunities and allow all users to add their own.

The news feed works in the same way as other social media platforms, allowing you to post your own content or catch up on the latest university news.

Our groups feature has the potential to further connect you with your classmates. You can currently join your institute groups and look out for further groups as we develop this feature, or please do suggest some ideas.


Who is in the Cumbria Network?

At the time of writing our network size is 1,284, with 83% of those ‘willing to help’ others. The network is made up of alumni from all over the world and from all course areas.  The network includes alumni who graduated from the University of Cumbria since 2007 and those who graduated from our legacy institutions, the colleges that joined together to form the university.  We also have professional services and academic staff members in the network.


How do I join?

It’s really easy, simply visit the website here and click on any of the action buttons.  You can link your profile to Facebook or LinkedIn or register with your email address.  The network is linked to our alumni database so if we recognise your student number or email address you should get logged in straight away, otherwise once we have confirmed your alumni status we will approve your application as soon as possible.

The registration process asks you a few questions about your course of study and what you are doing now so that we can build your profile and help you connect with others.  Once you are registered you can fill in the rest of your profile and answer further questions and add a photo etc.


How do I invite my classmates?

We would love it if you could help us spread the word about the Cumbria Network. If you are still in touch with your classmates simply send them a link to register or pop a post up on your social media telling people how to join.


How much does it cost?

The Cumbria Network is free to all alumni and always will be.


Are there opportunities to promote my business?

Yes, we would be very pleased to help you promote your business or project to your fellow alumni. There are many ways to do this in the Cumbria Network. 

The Cumbria Network has a news feed, much like other social media platforms, you are free to post what you like here and link to your business or project. The Cumbria Network belongs to its users, so feel free to write on the feed.

We also have an alumni business directory.  You can list your business here and even promote offers to your classmates.

If you are recruiting you can list jobs and opportunities in the jobs section or if you are hosting promotional events, you can list these too.


How do I connect with fellow graduates?

Search the directory and filter the results by year of graduation, by industry, by subject of study or location.  You can connect with fellow alumni directly through the platform by sending a message, or you can see if they are online and make a video chat or schedule a meeting.


Can I use the network to find a job?

Yes! We have a jobs feature within the platform.  We provide an RSS feed directly to all University of Cumbria jobs and coming soon we will have a feed directly to all our graduate opportunities, so watch this space.  Alumni can also post their own jobs and opportunities to the platform.

If you wish to be pro-active you can reach out to your fellow alumni and make new connections using the platform.  You can filter the search on industry and see where people are working.  If you see a ‘willing to help’ flag why not make a connection, message that person and maybe they have some pointers for you on how to get a foot in the door of the company they work for.


Can I use the network to find a mentor?

Yes! This is what the platform is built for.  When you register you are encouraged to update your ‘willing to help’ settings, and you can choose if you are looking for help or willing to help, you can be both of course.  When you search the directory you can see these flags on profiles.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow graduates if you are seeking a mentor.

The inbuilt mentoring algorithm is a very powerful tool. Click on ‘mentoring’ in the left hand menu and the platform will suggest suitable mentors for you.  Or you can search the directory and find your own.

Look out for more structured mentoring schemes to join as we further progress the Cumbria Network.


How can I share my feedback on the Cumbria Network to help improve?

We would love to hear your feedback about the Cumbria Network. This platform is for the benefit of our alumni and we want to build something that will be useful. You can reach out to me, Joanne Lusher through the platform, send me a message or write on the main news feed and I will pick it up. We are currently running a survey for new Cumbria Network users, you can fill in your thoughts here: