This page is devoted to the generous alumni, family, friends, volunteers, staff, businesses, and foundations who help the University of Cumbria excel every day. We are also grateful to those benefactors who have requested anonymity for their gifts.

Your contributions of time and money allow us to provide the high quality opportunities that provide our students with a world-class education.

External Contributors


  • David Allen
  • Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust
  • CRH Charitable Trust
  • Hadfield Trust
  • Sir John Fisher Foundation
  • Quarry Hill Grassroots Fund

Friends of Cumbria

Mr Peter
Allan MBE
Professor Elizabeth
Beaty MBE
Lord Dale Campbell-Savours Mr Mally Chung Mr Julian Cooper Sir James Cropper KCVO Miss
Natasha Francis
Mr James Garbett Mr Patric Gilchrist Dr James Graham
Stewart Grant
Mr Neil Harris Mr Peter Holliday Dr Andrew Humphries
Mr Ben
Miss Karen Jones Professor Sandra
Miss Joanne Lusher Mr Dave Myers Rev James Newcombe Ms Naomi Oosman-Watts
Dr Gwen Owen Mr Joseph Richards Mr David Richardson Mr
William Sang
Mr Ian Sinker Mr Ian Slinger Professor Peter Strike
Mrs Chris Tomlinson OBE Ms Samantha Twiselton Professor Graham
Janet Whitworth
Mr Malcom Wilson
Mr Charles Woodhouse CVO DL  

Alumni by year


Title Name Surname Class of
Ms Stephanie Collis 2010
Ms Lucy Clark 2011
Ms Linda Cieszynski 2011
Ms Lisa Thompson 2011
Ms Rebecca Waddington 2011
Ms Rebecca Gibbons 2012


Title Name Surname Class of
Mrs Linda Allott (nee Thompson) 2009
Ms Charlotte Berry 2009
Mrs Sheila Edwards (nee Davies) 2009
Mrs Helen Kitchen (nee Shorrock) 2009
Ms Susan Marshall 2009
Mr Michael Youell 2009 


Title Name Surname Class of
Mr Joe Coates 1970
Mrs Lillian Smout (nee Lily Craven) 1970
Mr Stan Barraclough 1971


Title Name Surname Class of
Mrs Valerie Catalinotto (nee Hicks) 1963
Mrs Ros Adey 1967
Mr Peter Bertinat 1967
Ms Elaine Dadley 1967
Ms Mary Dadley 1967
Mrs Margaret Davey (nee Biddlestone) 1967
Mrs Joan Douglas (nee Hirst) 1967
Mrs Hazel Goss (nee Dutton) 1967
Mrs Janice Entwistle 1967
Ms Margaret Hartzig 1967
Mr Neville Hughes 1967
Mrs Chris Knamiller (nee Thurston) 1967
Mr A B Ogden 1967
Mrs Elizabeth Allison (nee Paton) 1968
Ms Hilary Jane Clarke 1968
Ms Anita Hibbs 1968
Mr Rodney Highley 1968
Ms Elaine Howorth 1968
Mr Ian Jenkinson 1968
Ms Pauline Needham 1968
Mr Andrew McFadyen 1968
Ms Barbara Talbot 1968
Ms Angela Baker 1969
Mrs Margaret Coates (nee Goddard) 1969
Mr W Etherington 1969
Mrs Cherry Gibbons (nee Duffield) 1969
Mr Robert McKittrick 1969
Mrs Helen Sanderson (nee Dale) 1969
Ms Hilda Stoddard 1969
Ms Elaine Stone 1969
Ms Barbara Sykes 1969
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