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Banaz Mahmod-A so called honour killing


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Banaz Mahmod – A so called honour killing, is the heartbreaking true-life story of a 20-year-old Kurdish woman, who was brutally murdered by her family, told by Sergeant Detective Andy Craig, A University of Cumbria Industry Expert and the Senior Investigative Detective who, alongside his team, worked tirelessly to bring justice for Banaz and those who loved her. 


Banaz’s story is of significant importance to Police and Criminologists the world over, as by understanding and learning from Banaz’s story, we can offer better protection and support for those in need and build safer communities. 


In our live webinar, Detective Sergeant Andy Craig takes us on a harrowing journey where we really get to understand to cultural influences behind Banaz’s murder and how understanding cultures is of great importance in Policing and Criminology. We will also examine the preceding’s leading up to Banaz’s Murder, the importance of safeguarding and the expert detective and police work used to find, convict and ultimately bring Banaz’s killers to Justice. 


*Caution this story contains sexual and physical assault as well images from the real disposition site, which some viewers may find upsetting. 


You will need to use Google Chrome as a browser to attend this event.




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