Literary Review Competition for 16-18 Year-olds: Reading During the Lockdown

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Since Lockdown began in March this year, newspapers have been reporting on a rise in reading levels but also on the beneficial effects of literature in supporting us through this difficult time.


We’re looking for a literary review of 1,000 words on a novel, short story, play, poem, or collection of poems which explores how and why this text had the most impact on you during lockdown.


For novels, short stories and plays please make sure you tell us what you think of the plot, characters, themes, the way it was written and how the story unfolded, as well as why this particular piece of work was important to you during lockdown.


For poetry tell us about the imagery, the rhythm, the use of poetic devices and the language used, as well as telling us why your chosen poem or poems was important to you during lockdown. 


The winner will receive £100 Amazon Vouchers.


The closing date for this competition is 1st September 2020.


Competition rules

If you are interested in finding out more about the BA English Literature programme here at the University of Cumbria, visit our course webpage at: 


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Carlisle - Brampton Road

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