Outdoor Learning in Primary Schools: Practice, Challenges and Opportunities

Percival lecture Theatre, Rydal Road, LA22 9BB Ambleside


The University of Cumbria presents a diverse range of public lectures held at our Ambleside campus. The series provides an opportunity for Professors at the University of Cumbria to share insights into their work and research and its impact on society.

Speaker: Associate Professor, Dr Heather Prince, the Department of Science, Natural Resources and Outdoor Studies.

Outdoor learning provides memorably relevant learning and authentic, contextualised opportunities to extend classroom-based education. It is being seen as increasingly important for a wide range of outcomes including health and wellbeing, environmental awareness, engagement with school and personal and social development.

This research draws on empirical data from surveys involving teachers in primary schools in England in 1995 and 2017.  It adds to the evidence base of outdoor learning in the statutory curriculum and identifies key ingredients for successful outdoor learning in primary schools to support practitioners and policy makers in promoting more opportunities for learning outdoors within formal curricula.

Percival lecture Theatre, Rydal Road, LA22 9BB Ambleside

Heather Prince lecture - 20 March 2019