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Fusehill Street Carlisle Carlisle - Fusehill Street

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Sharing learning and teaching practice

The theme of this year’s Fest is "Student Success” - Adding Value through 'Learning Gain', a topic which covers a broad spectrum of practice and will allow us to showcase some of the best and most original practice at UoC and our partner institutions.

Adding value through 'Learning Gain' is becoming an increasing focus as a way of measuring success in higher education and is one of the aspects the Teaching Excellence Framework assessment framework considers as teaching excellence.

Learning gain can be defined and understood in a number of ways. Broadly it is an attempt to measure the improvement in knowledge, skills, work-readiness and personal development made by students during their time spent in higher education.

The conference is looking to share learning and teaching practice from across the University of Cumbria and our partner institutions which adds value through learning gain to enhance student success.

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Learning & Teaching Fest 2017

Fusehill Street Carlisle Carlisle - Fusehill Street