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Crowdfunding Part 1

LG003 Carlisle - Fusehill Street

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A Student Enterprise Workshop

Open to all students at the University of Cumbria

Crowdfunding is a way of gaining funds from a crowd.

In reward based crowdfunding we’ll look at what it is and the reasons you might choose this over other funding types. We will discuss the potential projects you are considering, and which Crowdfunding platforms would be best, (examples: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder).

This workshop will help you to design your successful campaign.  Attend ‘crowdfunding 2’ workshop to understand how to build and grow your campaign.

 All delegates will receive a ‘crowdfunding campaign development’ workbook to use during the workshop and for future use.


To book a place, e-mail

LG003 Carlisle - Fusehill Street

Student group discussion