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Crowdfunding part 2

LG003 Carlisle - Fusehill Street

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A Student Enterprise Workshop

Open to all students at the University of Cumbria

In order to get the best from this workshop you should attend Crowdfunding workshop 1 first.

This workshop will help you to develop and build a successful campaign and give you an insight on how to keep the momentum going.  We will cover how to write a successful campaign using your resources to help reduce your workload.

Understanding stakeholder management, and not just who you should be listening to, but how to influence back. Do’s and Don’t’s of crowdfunding.

We will also cover benefits in terms of ‘Career Influence’ and how to enrich your portfolio.  Develop your awareness of tools of the trade. Questions on Patreon + Drip.

Charity endeavours will be covered if there is any interest in this area.

The effective use of social media to drive traffic to your campaign site will round off this interactive and dynamic workshop.

To book a place, either join via the booking link below or e-mail

LG003 Carlisle - Fusehill Street

Student group discussion