Masterclass: Every Species Matters: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience

7 July 2020 11:00 -

Every Species Matters: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience
  • Every Species Matters: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience
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Every Species Matters: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience 

Humans are having an enormous impact on the Earth’s natural systems and the loss of biodiversity will be as catastrophic as climate change. During this masterclass, we will explore biodiversity and ecosystem resilience and the important work of zoologist and conservationists in researching, protecting and preserving it. This masterclass is for those interested in careers in Zoology, Conservation or who have an interest in our natural world. 

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Masterclass award

Attendees at these masterclasses will receive a reduced offer of up to 16 points for future applications to related University of Cumbria courses. Click below for full Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions

Why attend a masterclass?

Our masterclasses are designed to give future students like you a flavour of what it is really like to study at university and hand you all that's needed to successfully step into a degree to kick-start your career.

At our masterclasses, you’ll:

  • Take part in real research
  • Gain an excellent example to give your personal statement the edge
  • Enrich your current studies and explore beyond the boundaries of your current knowledge
  • Sample a subject that ignites your interest and make sure it’s the correct course for you
  • Get a unique chance to push your passion further
  • Earn extra UCAS points for your application with UoC

Spaces are limited, so if you’re considering a future working in conservation or zoology, book now.

Our Virtual Outreach

During the unprecedented times of social distancing, our team remain on hand to support you. Over the coming weeks, we are ensuring there is something for everyone, whether you’re a future student, teacher or adviser. We’ve got you.

 All our virtual outreach activities on offer have been developed to inform and motivate participants, and link to the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Career Guidance. This report was redefined and published in January 2018. Laying out eight benchmarks, the report outlined good practice within careers guidance and an expectation that all secondary schools have a careers plan.

 Our online Masterclasses meet benchmarks 4 & 7 (Linking curriculum learning to careers & Encounters with further and higher education).

To see what else we're offering online, head on over to for the rest of our virtual outreach delivery.