'Freiraum in Carlisle' Speakeasy

Studio Theatre Brampton Road Campus Carlisle Carlisle - Brampton Road

Spoken Word, Poetry, Music, Art, Film

Exploring: What is Isolation? How can we overcome Isolation? What is Freedom? What does European Identity mean to you?

The event starts with a reception in the Vallum Gallery at 1.30pm

Tickets are free. To reserve tickets please email boxoffice@stanwixtheatre.co.uk

Freiraum (Spheres of Freedom) is a programme by Goethe-Institut. The aim of the FREIRAUM project is to assess the state of freedom in Europe’s cities. What are the issues that come up when residents, sociologists and creative artists think about the concept of “freedom” in very local terms? What problems are observable in a city? By swapping questions across Europe, 42 Goethe-Instituts and their partners in the arts and civil society are developing creative answers – at a distance and with the aid of perspective that focuses on the concepts of Freedom in European cities, activating a network of 41 Goethe-Instituts and their partners from the fields of culture and civil society (www.goethe.de/freiraum).
AWAZ Cumbria AWAZ Cumbria in Carlisle (UK) has developed Freiraum (Spheres of Freedom) proejct in Carlisle by engaging local community groups, artists and activists, and is working in partnership withArtBOX in Thessaloniki (Greece) Thessaloniki.

Goethe Institut (London, Glasgow), AWAZ Cumbria and 5 local artists and their organisations are working together to engage with diverse communities through creative arts projects to find answers to the following questions. An Art exhibition in Carlisle in Jan/Feb 2019 and possibly in Berlin, Germany in March 2019 will showcase many of the responses from the participants of this project.

Studio Theatre Brampton Road Campus Carlisle Carlisle - Brampton Road