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'Passing Through' - Murray Valera

Vallum Gallery, University of Cumbria, CA3 9AW Carlisle - Brampton Road

Barbara Murray and Paco Valera have co-created this exhibition and often work together as a married partnership of author and artist. On working together they say “a consulting partnership is usually a tough process!”

Murray and Valera divide their time between the Yorkshire Dales and Spain, sharing the same loci of inspiration in those landscapes and woodlands. Time and again over the last 15 years, they have visited the two woodlands “on our doorstep.” One is the mythically atmospheric ‘Shaw Gill Wood’ near sparsely populated Wensleydale. The other is privately owned ‘Can Coll Wood,’ near Barcelona, Spain.

This collection of words and tree portraits is Murray and Valera’s response to the ‘passing through’ moments they have experienced in these very different yet special places. Their powerful combination of poetry and photography is inspired by nature, the environment and specifically trees - a bold collection of prose-infused monochrome tree portraits. “Without trees we cease to exist.”

An artist talk will accompany the exhibition. Details on The Vallum Gallery social media Facebook and Twitter. For more information on Murray Valera’s work, see their website - 


Exhibition: Mon 4 - Fri 22 November 2019 10am - 4pm*

Free Entry

*closed Sundays

Event Details

Vallum Gallery, University of Cumbria, CA3 9AW Carlisle - Brampton Road

black and white picture of a woodland