Rebuilding from a ruined economy: a UK Miracle and how to build it post-Brexit


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Join our business masterclass presented by Dr Steve Gibbs to discuss how we can look to rebuild from a ruined economy.

The 'German Miracle' (Wirtschaftswunder) is often associated with Ludwig Erhard's rush of blood. Erhard is called 'the father of Wirtschaftswunder'. He released the German economy from post-war price controls, without consulting anyone. But like all popular mythologies the facts are more dramatic. In this session Steve takes us back to 1950s and 60s Germany and some of the more unknown and intriguing events of that period that positioned Germany and its industries for an overall sustained recovery. He focuses on a more influential actor than Erhard, and that is eventual Chancellor Willy Brandt.

Steve writes: "When you visit Berlin you can't help be struck by it being Willy Brandt's city. The place where he set out a vision for the future, and championed change as its mayor. But Brandt's formation was as a man who'd learnt patience in exile. Where he developed his craft as a writer and coalition builder. And critically where he discovered his capacity for understanding long-term economic growth conditions. He more than most helped form a 'new German consciousness' that fed sustained growth."

As the UK economy is yet to reveal the full extent of Covid spending, there is an opportunity for business leaders to press for new economic and political policies that will influence any 'UK miracle'. And identify where the UK has to form new alliances that act as drivers for industry and sector recovery. Berlin was at the epicentre of the Cold War. But the UK also has been a divided place, spinning between American cultural influence and European markets. Now, subtle and key opportunities present themselves in the next four years. Will we focus, or choose drift?

Steve has spent 26 years in business and eight years as a managing director, and 12 years at the University of Huddersfield lecturing in global leadership. He is currently Principal Lecturer in Business and Leadership at the University of Cumbria's Institute of Business Industry and Leadership.


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