Abuse conference aims to stimulate detailed research

Abuse conference aims to stimulate detailed research name


The University of Cumbria’s place as a leading centre for work to highlight the issue of abusive relationships is set to grow with an event this week which it is hoped will lead to more detailed research being commissioned.

Academics from the university who have recently given evidence as part of a government inquiry into the issue will be hosting the day-long symposium, Hidden Victims of Interpersonal Violence.  

The focus of the event, to be held at the university’s Lancaster campus will be incidents of violence experienced by men, stateless children, LGBTQ+groups and children as witnesses of violence. Child to parent violence will also be discussed.

“My work has focused on men who are victims of abuse at the hands of women but this is just one of a number of groups who don’t receive attention,” Dr Liz Bates, senior lecturer in applied psychology at the University of Cumbria, said. “Typically coverage is given to male abuse towards a women but domestic violence is so much more complex than that and there are so many different groups that are affected by it. By highlighting these groups among academics, students, local authorities, police officers, voluntary organisations and other key stakeholders there will be a chance to offer a timely and invaluable opportunity to share knowledge and best practice.”

Among speakers will be Professor Erica Bowen from the University of Worcester who will discuss some of her work on intimate partner violence within populations with intellectual disabilities.

“By raising the profile of the varied groups affected by violence we hope to not only inform those involved professionally but also begin to form the basis for future research collaborations that could offer help in the longer term,” Dr Bates added.