Abuse research work gets national coverage

Abuse research work gets national coverage name


Work by University of Cumbria applied psychologist Dr Liz Bates to investigate cases of male abuse amid claims that not enough support is available to men has been featured by BBC News.

BBC Inside Out North West heard from case studies with Dr Bates interviewed as part of the documentary which revealed details of a significant increase in cases reported to police.

“It’s likely to be the tip of the iceberg,” Dr Bates told the programme. “I think there are lots of reasons why men don’t ask for help. There are services available but they often don’t look like they offer help for men.”

Dr Bates has previously given evidence as part of a government inquiry into the issue.

Along with colleague Dr Julie Taylor the pair have embarked on a research project studying why men in abusive or aggressive relationships are reluctant to ask for help.

The survey is a follow up to work carried out last year which resulted in 161 men answer an online survey which prompted more in depth work.