Ageing research is front page news

Ageing research is front page news  name

While muscle in our bodies will change with age, keeping active in later life may well be key to fending off other illnesses and maintaining overall health.

Dr Lawrence Hayes, lecturer in exercise physiology at the university, together with Dr Mark Ross of Edinburgh Napier University have written an article highlighting the subject which appears in the latest edition of Sport and Exercise Scientist.

“Although we can never rewind the clock, we certainly can reduce non-communicable diseases risk, as well as the severity of non-communicable diseases’ effects on the individual,” Dr Hayes said. “We cannot forget that these together will improve quality of life of older adults, and enhance or maintain independence long into later life.”

The pair suggest exercise as a viable intervention to reduce muscle decline (sometimes classed as a ‘polypill’) and add that it can help treat cardiovascular, muscular, neural, and cognitive decline and disorders.

“The magazine is the official publication of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science and is circulated to all accredited sport and exercise scientists in the UK so it’s a real coup for Lawrence to be featured.” Tim Barry, head of sport sciences at the University of Cumbria, said.