10 things you MUST do before leaving UoC

10 things you MUST do before leaving UoC name

Final year student? Leaving us soon? To ensure that you are fully prepared to embark on life as a graduate we have put together this handy list of MUST do’s before you leave UoC.

  1. Update your details! Let us know how to contact you once you graduate. We would love to stay in touch and we hope you want to keep in touch with us too. Simply click on ‘my student details’ in Student Hub.
  2. Download the Graduate Success Guide. Packed full of the best advice, top tips, inspiring stories and the must know information to help you transition from student to graduate. Find it here.
  3. Save your important files and emails. Shortly after you leave your email account plus access to Student Hub, Blackboard and One Drive etc will stop working. Therefore, it is very important to act now. Update any subscriptions, move all your contacts, forward any important emails, save all your course notes and module books and handouts elsewhere, all of this could be useful for future reference. Once it’s gone we cannot retrieve your account!
  4. Check out your Alumni Association. Following graduation in July or November (whether you can attend or not) you will receive your formal welcome as the class of 2020 into the Alumni Association. The word ‘alumni’ simply means ‘graduates’. You don’t need to sign up, there are no fees to pay, and we will contact you. You remain part of the Alumni Association for life. Find out more here and check out our ever expanding range of benefits and services.
  5. Prepare for the Graduate Outcomes Survey. Graduate Outcomes is the biggest annual social survey in the UK, giving you the opportunity to be part of the picture and influence the future of education. You will be contacted by HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) 15 months from your completion date inviting you to join 700,000 other graduates completing the survey. Everything you need to know about the survey is here: https://www.graduateoutcomes.ac.uk/
  6. Make a careers appointment. Now is the perfect time to book an appointment to help you prepare for life after graduation. Your friendly careers service can help with finding jobs, writing CVs and applications, preparing for interviews and career planning – all for up to three years after you graduate.
  7. Claim your discount on postgraduate study. Postgraduate study gives you the opportunity to specialise in the field you are passionate about and advance your knowledge to the highest level. The knowledge and experience you will gain during your postgraduate degree will enhance your career prospects and help you stand out from the crowd. Alumni could receive up to 20% discount. Click here for more information. To see the range of UoC postgraduate courses click here. For any questions contact enquriycentre@cumbria.ac.uk or telephone 0845 6061144.
  8. Follow all your classmates on Linkedin. They may be your friend or classmate today, but in ten years’ time, they may be the CEO of that company you are desperate to work for! Your alumni network can be extremely powerful and useful, make a start on building those connections today.
  9. Activate your graduate account on My Career Enriched. Once your course has finished you will receive an email to convert your student account. Do this to keep up to date with the latest vacancies, career events and opportunities. click here https://mycareerenriched.cumbria.ac.uk/graduate/login.html
  10. Let your friends know what they mean to you. Your university days will be amongst the best of your life, and the friendships you made here could last a lifetime. You have been together for such a huge important life milestone: stressed over essays together, partied together and grown up together. Friendships are very important and once you graduate, move away and start your career, life can have a habit of getting in the way. Treasure your friendships and keep in touch with each other!

You are part of the University of Cumbria for life as a member of the Alumni Association and our main aim is to keep you in touch with the university, your campus, Cumbria and each other.