Ambleside to host ambitious crime exercise

Ambleside to host ambitious crime exercise name

Police, paramedics and forensic scientists will be called to a major crime scene in the normally tranquil setting of Ambleside on Thursday 2nd and 3rd Feb. Crime scene investigators will be preserving evidence and restricting access to part of the University of Cumbria campus which will be sealed off for two days.

Local residents don’t mind and it won’t result in an increase in insurance premiums; the highly realistic exercise which involves police dogs, the North West Ambulance Service and serving senior police officers is a vital part of the process of training the emergency services of tomorrow.

“Our USP for the forensic and investigative science course we run is the “Major Incident” which we run annually with policing and paramedic science,” says Ashleigh Hunt, lecturer in forensic and investigative science at the University of Cumbria and the person who spends weeks coming up with the realistic scenario. “This is totally unique to the university with no other offering anything like this in terms of size and experiential learning through inter-professional relationships.”

Students play their respective roles – from crime scene investigators to forensic scientists, paramedics and police officers alongside serving professionals and trained academics. The high pressure environment of a real investigation is achieved where they face the reality of working in a high pressure environment.

The detailed assessment is devised by Ashleigh but the two day “incident” is over-seen by a senior investigating officer from a major incident room which adds to the reality.

This event will be particularly important for several students who’ll be assessed as the climax to their basic training as special constables.

Will the crime be solved and the 100% detection rate be maintained?

Follow #UoCForensic throughout the two-day exercise to check progress.