Back to the future for nursing graduate

Back to the future for nursing graduate name

JUST 18-months after graduating a 25-year-old Carlisle nurse returned to University of Cumbria yesterday (Monday) to become a lecturer.

Fay Codona originally studied English Literature, but turned to a vocational career after witnessing the actions of one dedicated and compassionate nurse looking after her adored grandma before she died.

She explained: “It was then that I saw nursing as a profession that really touched people’s lives, had great significance and could make a real difference.

“I had the privilege of studying for my adult nursing degree at University of Cumbria. It is truly an honour and fantastic opportunity to be back, supporting new students coming into this amazing profession.”

Fay said she felt particularly fortunate to have been able to study and work in Carlisle, the home city she loves and where she wants to stay to ‘give something back to her community’.

She clinched a job four-months before graduating with a first in 2017 as a practice nurse in busy Carlisle Healthcare, covering three of the five GP practices.

Paying tribute to lecturers for their ‘awe-inspiring levels of knowledge and experience’, she added: “It’s humbling and exciting in equal measure to be joining them. Employment for nursing graduates comes thanks to the respect local businesses and managers have for our graduates.

“I’ve progressed a lot as a practice nurse and am now ready to share my experiences, helped by the knowledge gained in both my English and nursing degrees, both invaluable for a teaching role.

“I want to give students everything I can to help them achieve anything they set their minds to and build an excellent career with all that they learn.

“This is a university with an established past and bright future. I’m very grateful to be part of it.”

Fay urged prospective students from Carlisle to follow her lead, check out their local university and be astonished by what it had to offer.

She added: “UoC was on my doorstep and offered a highly respected course, with placements in local care settings and excellent employment prospects. It was great being able to stay in the city with my family and find a job locally.”

Dr Louise Nelson, head of nursing, health and professional practice, said: “We are delighted to welcome Fay back to the fold.

“She was an excellent student and with her experience in nursing practice will be an invaluable asset to the department. I’m sure students will look up to her as an inspiration and role model.”

Fay’s boyfriend, Liam Mulholland, is studying law at UoC and already has a job with local solicitors when he graduates in summer.

They plan to buy a house together in Carlisle and one day raise a family in the city because: “It’s such a fantastic place to be”, says Fay.

Picture shows Fay Codona working as a practice nurse in Carlisle Healthcare, before starting her new role as a UoC adult nursing lecturer.