Belgium nuclear culture exhibition to feature work of Cumbrian artist

Belgium nuclear culture exhibition to feature work of Cumbrian artist name


Work produced by a Cumbrian artist that was inspired by the nuclear industry is to go on show in Belgium.

Cumbrian Alchemy, a collaboration by University of Cumbria Institute of Arts Professor of Fine Arts Dr Robert Williams and American artist Bryan McGovern Wilson, forms part of Perpetual Uncertainty at Z33 in Hasselt and runs from Sept 17 to December 10.

The exhibition has been curated by Dr Ele Carpenter, one of the University of Cumbria’s 10th anniversary honorary visiting research fellows, and brings together international artists from across Europe, the USA and Japan to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the ‘complex relationship between knowledge and deep time.’

The Nuclear Culture Project launched in June 2016 brings together scientists, engineers and community activists with artists and ethicists to develop new opportunities for creative practice. Areas explored include: the invisibility of the nuclear economy, the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant meltdown, geological waste storage, the Anthropocene and nuclear humanities.

“It is a great thing to have Cumbrian Alchemy included in Ele Carpenter’s Perpetual Uncertainty exhibition - The Nuclear Culture Project brings together artists, activists, curators and nuclear specialists to discuss matters of extreme importance for our age,” Dr Williams said.