Brain injury patient shares story with Lancaster nursing students

Brain injury patient shares story with Lancaster nursing students name


The story of how a life changing brain injury as a teenager led to a range of challenges has been shared with nursing students at the Lancaster campus of the University of Cumbria.

Peter Speight sustained a traumatic brain injury at the age of 14 told undergraduate nursing students how he overcame the incident and subsequent blindness. Accompanied by Alex Power, the Acute Trauma Support Nurse from Headway: the Brain Injury Association (North West), Peter - who is now 49 - and Alex shared their experiences of living with and supporting patients and their families following an acquired brain injury.

Alison Buckley, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing, Health & Professional Practice who organised the visit said: ”We were privileged that Peter and Alex gave their time to share their experiences.”

She added: “Acquired brain injury can result in the person experiencing a number of physical, behavioural and emotional effects which can be devastating for all. There is a lack of public awareness of the profound and, at times, permanent effects of brain injury. It is so important that as health professionals we appreciate the important role we can play in supporting patients and their families.”

Alex Power spoke candidly about the devastating impact of brain injury and the important role she plays in supporting patients and their families in the hospital setting and following discharge.

Student nurse Tracey Cooper said: “Both speakers were amazing and Peter was inspirational and I feel listening to both their stories was hugely beneficial to all students.”

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Pictured: (L-R) Alison Buckley, Peter Speight and Alex Power