Cumbria under spotlight at national rural health conference

Cumbria under spotlight at national rural health conference name

The twin pressures of increasing demand on health and social care services along with tighter budgets are the subject of a conference to be addressed by a University of Cumbria academic today.

Professor Alison Marshall, who as well as Director of the Cumbrian Centre for Health Technologies is chair of the Cumbria Rural Health Forum, will be presenting to members of the Rural Services Network at the annual Rural Health Conference.

The conference theme is Prevention through Participation: a Whole Population Approach to Improved Health Outcomes. Professor Marshall will be speaking about Leading Change in a Rural Context: Perspectives from Cumbria.

Interest in the event, to be held at the National Audit Office in London, is likely to be significant with the Local Government Association warning this week of further cuts to local services.

Rural Services Network chief executive Graham Biggs said: "Pressure on hospitals in particular is seen as unmanageable in the current context of healthcare supply and demand. The conference aims to encourage strong leadership and collaboration across the public sector to reduce demand on acute care services and deliver better health outcomes for more citizens."