Farne Islands give students chance of wildlife close encounters

Farne Islands give students chance of wildlife close encounters  name

A field trip to a wildlife mecca saw photography, wildlife media, film and TV students come face to face with seals in footage seen across the north.

The Farne Isles was the destination for 18 students accompanied by four staff who swopped the Institute of the Arts campus at Brampton Road for wetsuits and a short boat trip offshore.

“Underwater cameraman Ben Burville, a researcher specialising in marine wildlife, guided students in the water, sharing his knowledge and skills, to capture the best underwater imagery and witness some unbelievable wildlife encounters,” Cain Scrimgeour, lecturer in outdoor media, said.

The group captured some memorable shots including a moment when a seal appeared to kiss a student beneath the waves. ITV Border joined the group and filmed a two part report which was also broadcast across the north east by ITV Tyne Tees.  

Amazing images of other wildlife including puffins, guillemots and terns were also gathered amid the stunning surroundings of the islands.

The Institute of the Arts is home to a range of creative courses including photography, wildlife media and film and TV.