Father and daughter enjoy return trip to Ambleside campus

Father and daughter enjoy return trip to Ambleside campus name

A former policeman with close ties to the University of Cumbria has returned to his beat, almost fifty years after he last pounded the town’s streets.

Malcolm Temple was stationed in Ambleside from 1967 to 1971 and lived with his family in a police house at the bottom of the drive which leads to the University of Cumbria.

“When I was based in Ambleside it was only female primary teachers on the campus,” Mr Temple said. “As a policeman I rarely had to deal with issues caused by the students - more usually it was young men interested in the young women!”

Two of Malcolm’s daughters were born in the police house which he recently revisited with Sue, his eldest daughter. In another twist, she’s now senior lecturer in primary history and programme leader for the third year BA primary teacher training course at the University of Cumbria.

“I was taught by Charlotte Mason trainees in a small hut behind where the student halls are now,” Sue said. “Dad was amazed and impressed by the changes to the campus.”