Green machines join university fleet

Green machines join university fleet name

The latest addition to the fleet of the University of Cumbria is also one of the quietest.

Based on the Nissan Leaf, the van is one of the latest generation of electric vehicles and brings to five the total number of green machines working to link the three main campus sites.

“We’re getting around 80 miles before they need recharging,” according to Keith Knowles, Lancaster estates supervisor. “The team seem to like them and the range means they can easily reach Ambleside from Lancaster.”

A 12-month lease arrangement means the university can phase out older diesel vehicles although a couple will still be needed for longer trips.

“With zero emissions at the point of use, these electric vehicles are helping us avoid adding further pollution to areas with poor local air quality. In addition, as the national grid becomes lower carbon, the electric vehicles also help us reduce our CO2 emissions,” said Lachlan Fulton, the University of Cumbria’s environment and sustainability Manager.

Since 2007/08, the university has reduced its carbon footprint by 57%. Work continues to reduce carbon emissions further though estate improvements and encouraging staff to car share or use public transport – part of our pledge to keep Cumbria green.