'Happy' marketing paper to be discussed in Sweden

'Happy' marketing paper to be discussed in Sweden  name

From a broadband provider offering to “do you right” to another supplier offering an “epic” feeling, marketing’s move to offer greater contentment is now much in evidence.

This sense of consumer well-being has prompted a University of Cumbria marketing lecturer to write a paper which has been accepted for discussion at a prestigious international marketing conference.

Dr Karam Al Mandil, Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Cumbria, will be attending the Linnaeus University School of Business and Economics in Kalmar, Sweden which will play host to the 12th Global Brand Conference of the Academy of Marketing’s SIG (special interest group) in Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation from April 26 2017. 

The conference is a leading international academic event in the field of branding bringing together scholars, researchers and practitioners in a lively debate of ideas of the role of sensory branding in engaging consumers through the five senses. Areas covered include: brand experiences, atmospherics, place branding and neuromarketing.

Dr Al Mandil’s paper is titled ‘From Brand Experience to Happiness: Exploring the Impacts on Brand Loyalty and Price Premium.’

“My paper argues that since the advent of the 21st Century, the overemphasis on the utilitarian aspects of products has shifted the interest to the hedonic facets of consumption,” Dr Al Mandil said. “Experience marketing presents a new approach to address this shift and to achieve long and lasting competitive advantages. More recently, happiness has received attention from marketers and studies examining happiness in consumer research have also begun to appear. Therefore, this research is investigating how brands contribute to consumers’ happiness through experiences.”

“This is a real achievement and we’re delighted Karam’s work has been recognised at such a prestigious event,” Dr Raye Ng, Principal Lecturer in Business at the University of Cumbria said. “Our research and teaching are aimed at highlighting what’s happening in the real world and drawing attention to the effects and implications. As consumers become ever more conscious of how far the pound in their pocket goes, this research might well highlight how the concept of happiness is being used by marketers to influence their decision.”