Innovative university health partnership puts Cumbria in the digital vanguard

Innovative university health partnership puts Cumbria in the digital vanguard  name

An innovative partnership between NHS England, the University of Cumbria and an NHS social enterprise has been formed to extend the university’s digital health course.

15 students from 8 NHS Vanguard organisations ranging from the Isle of Wight to the north of England have now embarked on the course

The year-long programme will see four half day meetings held allowing students to share learning and support, review progress and identify priorities for the next quarter

“Each learning set will be delivered by mHabitat ( with academic input from the University of Cumbria to ensure a sound theoretical underpinning on issues such innovation and risk models, stakeholder management and influencing, evidence and evaluation techniques, technology acceptance and adoption, change management,” Dr Elaine Bidmead, research fellow at the Cumbrian Centre for Health Technologies (CaCHeT), said.

The course is underwayd in Leeds with a team made up of Alison Hampson, Head of Department of Health, Psychology and Social Studies, Dr Elaine Bidmead, Research Fellow, Professor Alison Marshall together with senior Lecturers in Occupational Therapy Kath Ward and Susie Wilson working alongside mHabitat staff to deliver it.

“We’re really excited about the project,” Professor Alison Marshall, Director of CaCHeT, said. “The whole purpose of digital health is to use innovation as widely as possible. We will be doing lots of innovative things from co-designing the programme to using lots of social media for delivery and assessments.”