M Sport drivers put through their paces

M Sport drivers put through their paces name

They drive some of the most expensive and fastest racing cars in world motor sport. Drivers from M Sport in Cockermouth race in gruelling competitions around the world.

And for the second time they’ve taken part in a series of tests to check they’re as physically fit and ready for the coming season as the high performance cars they drive. Six drivers have been put through their paces at the University of Cumbria’s Carlisle Campus state of the art sports science facilities designed to test endurance, strength, reactions, and overall health.

"They’re fit guys – they have to be to do the job they do. We just wanted to get some sort of formal assessment," Matthew Wilson from M-Sport Ltd said. "Our first race is in Australia – 12 hours in serious heat – so we want to make sure they’re ok."

The day-long sessions saw students join staff in overseeing the tests and giving the kind of real-world experience the university has a track record in offering.

“We know that those marginal gains are crucial and that’s what M Sport are looking at,” according to Jeff Thorpe senior lecturer in coaching and sport performance at the University of Cumbria. “We obviously teach a lot of theory in all our degree programmes but it’s crucial our students can apply this knowledge; being there and doing it in the real world.”

It’s hoped the relationship will continue through the season allowing the progress of drivers to be measured, both on and off the track.

Photo: Driver Vincent Abril (left) with 2nd year PE degree student Dayne Massey