Mark's gaming, waxing and swimming for Children In Need

Mark's gaming, waxing and swimming for Children In Need name

It’s a brave man who volunteers to endure the pain of waxing his legs for charity but University of Cumbria sports lecturer Mark Christie is also preparing to go the extra mile in aid of BBC Children in Need.

Because not only has the hirsuit academic agreed to become smooth skinned for the winter (and the winds can reach all parts high on the Bowerham Road campus) Mark’s also agreed to take part in a chill swim in Windermere to raise money for a charity he says is close to his heart.

“It’s a really worthwhile cause and it’s been a while since I raised money for the appeal so thought this year was a good time to do it.” Mark said. “I’ll be filmed having my legs waxed as proof and I can’t deny, it’s something I’m not exactly looking forward to."

Students and staff at the Lancaster campus of the University of Cumbria are also being encouraged to take part in a series of ‘office-olympics,’ special activities devised by Mark aimed at raising interest in the aims of the university’s fitness campaign, UoC Active as well as CiN.

Mark’s aiming to raise several hundred pounds for the charity and says he’s already received support from students, friends and colleagues.

UPDATE: Tuesday 14th Nov 

And here's the moment his hair became history: